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Secondary Three Chinese (中三华文)
Duration: 2.5 hours

Academic Chapter
  • Vocabulary and Idioms taught are based on MOE’s required word list for the Express/Higher Chinese curriculum
  • Techniques on the construction and editing of sentences and tips on how to improve sentence structures by avoiding common mistakes

Berries Writing Handbook provides examples of narrative, descriptive and argumentative essays. It also contains frequently-used phrases that will help increase vocabulary competency in writing.

  • Various techniques for writing essays, formal and informal correspondences are introduced
  • The writing process from planning to completion of the writing is taught through reviews and brainstorming sessions

Reading & Effective Speaking
  • Projects & Presentations provide practical and interactive means to help students compose effective speeches for various functional, academic and creative purposes
  • Discussions on general knowledge, social issues, current affairs and news reports are conducted
  • “Reading is Cool” Programme introduces various literary works to motivate students to read widely

Chinese Literature Appreciation
  • Exposure to various types of essays, poems and short novels
  • Analytical, evaluative and critical skills are developed at the literal, interpretative and evaluative levels through sharing sessions