the language of


P1 – Primary One Chinese/Higher Chinese (小一核心/小一精英)
Duration: 1hr 45mins

Academic Chapter
  • Vocabulary & Idioms build up vocabulary competency and are based on MOE's required word list
  • Interactive listening and oral practices promote accurate enunciation, intonation and fluency in reading
  • Mock tests prepare students physically, mentally and emotionally for the actual examination. The degree of difficulty is moderated progressively to meet the requirements of the MOE curriculum

Harvesting Chapter
  • Berries Read & Recognise Programme strengthens reading ability through stories featuring interesting illustrations
  • Berries Systematic Writing Programme introduces various techniques for sentence writing
  • Comprehension passages of various text types help to improve understanding and answering skills
  • Storytelling sessions through slides develop imagery and associative learning
  • Games to challenge a child’s wits and encourage participation and interaction