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Berries Presents “Little Woods”

Berries proudly presents Little Woods, an original children’s musical, produced in commemoration of our 25th anniversary. Watch out for Berries’ very own teachers as the principal cast!

Following the darkness that descended upon Little Woods, classic fairy tale characters experienced extreme changes. The Big Bad Wolf stopped eating meat, the Little Pig turned evil, the Wicked Witch is full of mercy, Prince Charming is now cowardly and the Princess is full of herself... Only the Little Red Riding Hood remains unscathed.

What will be the fate of Little Woods? How may the Little Red Riding Hood rescue the woods?

Join us for this extravaganza and embark upon an exciting adventure into Little Woods! Get your tickets now at!

Check out what the Director and Playwright has to share regarding “Little Woods”:

P5 Parents' Seminar 2016

Director: Alvin Chiam

Playwright: Danny Yeo