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Berries World of Learning School (Berries) provides fun and effective experiential learning for children who wish to master
the Chinese language.

Our courses are based on a proprietary syllabus approved by Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE), and based on the Chinese language curriculum. Our students gain a well-rounded Chinese language education through an integrated process of learning.

Berries offers different lesson and programme schedules to suit children’s timetables and busy parents’ schedules. Our classes are structured to meet the learning needs of different age groups and abilities. Our teachers ensure that students enjoy a fun and fruitful experience.

Learn, Enrich, Feel – this summarises what Berries stands for.

At Berries, children learn Chinese through social interaction, instilment of values and curriculum understanding. Our centres are equipped with attractive and child-safe facilities. They are designed to enable children to enjoy serious fun in a clean and conducive environment that promotes learning.

Learning is a two-way process. Our teachers and children delight in unravelling the mystery and beauty of Chinese culture together. In the process, they practise respect and promote the interaction of people of different races, religions and nationalities.

“We believe our actions and decisions reflect our most valued principles in consultative and communicative teaching and learning.”


Our Vision

To become the recognised brand in the education industry for the learning of the Chinese language.


Our Mission

To fulfil our philosophy with integrity in the process of learning.
  • Learn
  • Enrich
  • Feel


Our Environment

Berries is built around the concept of a garden.
Classrooms 丰收站 are rooms where children harvest the fruits of their efforts. Libraries 灌溉亭 are places where children water their minds with knowledge and story-telling rooms 开心源 are filled with fun and fresh experiences. As for the teachers, they are devoted gardeners 园丁 tending to their precious seedlings — the children.